Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Framed motivational quote with Itsybitsy 3D chipboards

Hi, Its Angela,

I'm  back again with one final DT post 
Before we start with the tutorial, a word of thanks to the team members at Itsy Bitsy and you ever so supportive lovely readers. Its been great working with the team - I have to admit that I really pushed my limits into working with supplies that I would never have worked with otherwise! Each of the post had been challenging and I had to really push myself into making it really special and do-able. A big hug to IB community for the constant love and support.

Framed motivational quote with Itsy Bitsy 3D chipboards

Okay so back to the tutorial - I wanted this to be a super special post and I hope it is. Motivation is something we require everyday. Research has proven that when you have somebody you are accountable to or you have constant motivation, your efforts towards a goal is more fruitful. I'm sure we as student would've had motivational lines stuck to our study table so that we could concentrate on "Ratta maarifying" or Mugging up!! :P These days its raining motivation everyday through daily messages on whatsapp groups! Well but here is something special - an altered frame with pretty quote that you will surely read once a day 

The frame looks familiar I know - these were specially curated and gifted to all participant by Itsy Bitsy on their recent Dream Launch party. The design was so pretty, I knew I had to turn it into a pretty showpiece!

I first applied white Camlin gesso all over the MDF front panel of the frame and also the back pane which formed the background for the framed inner part.

I had these Angel Wings 3D chipboards from Itsy Bitsy and I knew I wanted to make this the focal point of my project. I have already shared a tutorial on using compass 3D chipboard from Itsy Bitsy few weeks back and I used the same technique here. I tried to bring out a coordinating background ambiance for the chipboard using appropriate quotes/lines. This time, for the wings, I found a perfect line that stated "your wings already exist. all you have to do is to fly" from the L'amour Des Fleurs Paper Pack ( it has such cool frames floral papers !)

So while the gesso dried, I applied glue over the 3D angel wings chipboard  and put in fairy dust in shade beehive gold all over it. I let it dry for a minute and tapped of all the excess glitter.

Once the gesso was dry, I decoupaged bits of floral decoupage paper onto the solid portion of the frame. The bits would stray into the lacy areas too but don't worry about that.

Once the glue is dried, take a small round brush, dip into water and run it on the paper where there is no background ( in the laces) . The paper when wet can be merely pushed down with the brush to reveal the lace details, Once this is done for all the lace areas, apply decoupage glue along the lace edges so that these torn paper blends well to the edges and doesn't stand out.

For the background MDF panel, I tore out a sentiment from the pattern paper set. I applied some water around the edges of the sentiment (which had watercolor background) so that it was easier to tear with softer edge. I pasted it to the white background with decoupage glue and when it was dry , adhered the angel wings on both sides. The wings lacked a little geometry since I covered the entire chipboard with glitter. I took a black pen and drew the feather lines (which was originally there on the chipboard) over the glitter to add extra details. Can you notice the 3D shape of the wings? I think its the layers and the fine glitter is what that makes the wings the focal point here.

The inner sides of the frame was painted with frozen blue shade from Itsy Bitsy matte acrylic chalk paints to match the watercolor background shade of the quote. Now for the outer lace MDF frame, I dabbed pink ballet shade from Itsy Bitsy matte acrylic chalk paints to coordinate with the shades in the floral pattern. And done!

Hope you liked the simple idea for your desk. You can use any sort of frame and chipboards. Itsy Bitsy has a pretty collection of 3D Chipboard shapes and pre-cut chipboards that you can match with sentiments, themes or images and create various layouts.

Keep crafting!
xoxo ( extra xoxo :D)
Angela Jose

Supplies used :

Fairy Dust - Beehive Gold

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  1. this sure is a super special post Angela !! beautiful,motivational and perfect to showcase the awesome 3 D chip boards !!