Friday, July 28, 2017

Mixed Media with Texture Triangles

Hello Friends!
This is Tanvi with another brilliant product from Itsy Bitsy - the TEXTURE TRIANGLES

Texture triangle is an awesome tool to use for adding various texture effects to your mixed media projects. Creating horizontal, vertical, chequered, zigzag, fan, criss cross or other patterns of your choice is so easy with these texture triangles.

This is a three-sided tool & available in two variants. 
One triangle helps create fine lines & the other is useful for stripes & bands, each side of the triangle has different sized teeth, allowing you more variations when combing. These are surely a must have tool for mixed media artists. 

The possibilities of creating patterns with these are endless. For my experiments I mixed acrylic paint with impasto & played around with these triangles. Look at the array of pattern I created - 

I love textures & patterns and these tools are perfect for adding quick dimensions & interest to projects. I am no mixed media expert but after playing around with these tools I wanted to give it a try, sharing my attempt at this - 

This is a 4"x4" Mont Marte canvas panel. Using the texture triangle over modelling paste I created the desired base for the mixed media. I used an old brush as a flower vase, chipboard shapes, some flowers & twine to make a layout. After which the entire layout was gessoed. For the bright colors I chose Gold Alcohol Splash -  Wild Rose, Hot Pink & Marigold

To highlight the textures I lightly brushed gold at places & that popped the layout.

Just look at the awesome canvas loaded with textures!

Thank you so much for visiting & looking at my creation. I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback. Have a crafty day!

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  1. Love your experiments with the Texture tools Tanvi,the canvas is awesome !!