Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Antique Patina Effect Altered Box

Hello Friends....
Today I am sharing an Antique Patina Effect Altered Box with you. I see this as one which is handed down the generations filled with prized possessions and precious memories collected over a period of time..........maybe that's how the weathered clock found a place on it :)........


I started out with this beautiful Wooden Alterable box from the store. Made of real light weight wood these boxes are perfect for storage, decoupage, painting, stencil art, decoration and are great for gifting to family & friends.

I decided to give the box the antique patina effect using Mont Morte Black Gesso and the Pearlised Metallic Paints in Brick Red, Gold and Teal can see my well loved paint jars here.......

Here are the steps to follow : 

I gave a coat of Mont Marte White Gesso to the Box to prime the wooden surface. Wood being a porous surface needs a Primer to prepare it for paints and sprays. Let dry. You can also use one of the pre-primed boxes as your base. 

1. Stencil design with Mont Marte Modeling Paste and Lattice Stencil by Itsy Bitsy , added some more texture with another stencil. Let dry. 

2. Paint all over with Mont Marte Black Gesso, cover completely and let dry. The black gesso makes the pearlised colors really pop !!

3. Dry brush the Pearlised Metallic paints in Brick Red, Teal Delight and Gold. There are few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when you use this technique

Some tips for Dry Brushing Technique :
1. Dry brushing technique involves using a paint brush that has a minimum amount of paint on it and using it to highlight textures and edges.
2. It is best to use a flat brush for this technique.
3. Keep your brush at a 90 degree angle and lightly brush edges or raised areas. Start with a light touch and gradually build color/layers.
4. The secret to this technique is not to apply too much paint on your brush, it is a good idea to keep a spare paper on which you wipe your brush after taking paint on it before starting on your textured surface.

The Pearlised metallic paints are opaque in nature so it is important to build the color in layers with very light strokes of a dry brush otherwise you will miss the contrast with the Black Gesso. In case you feel that your color layers are too thick, simply cover again with a coat of Black Gesso and start again.
This is how the box looks after black Gesso and color layers.............

To embellish the box , I used a Sizzix weathered clock die cut, a brad, some metal bits and glass beads. I layered two diecuts cutout from thick card stock and painted with the same paints randomly. Added the clock hands to some metal charms using a brad, added the metal corners and beads with Silicon Glue ..........

The clock face and hands are added with little cardboard pieces below to give dimension.........

Do leave some love and give it a try if you are inspired, Keep visiting the blog for more inspiration from my teamies.  And do not forget to take part in this month's challenge, we would like to see all your fabulous creations.

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  1. This is too good, i loved the patina effect and the weathered clock......awesome awesome.......

  2. The colour scheme looks elegant. It's got a rustic essence to it. Awesome!!!

  3. Gorgeous Patina Effect dear Suman . You have brought in the beauty of it so effortlessly!

  4. Beautiful antique look. Thanks for the tutorial

  5. Vintage....patina. ..weathered. love love.

  6. Gorgeous!! Thank you for all those steps, tips and techniques! Love it!

    1. Thanks Karthikha,so glad you found this useful !!

  7. Stunning work Suman Ma'm!! Thank you for all the tips and tricks!!

  8. Stunning, I thought it was so intricate and would be hard to do but I think I will manage something like the box. Thank you so much

  9. This is one of your best creations di !! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!!

  10. Hey suman this is one of its kind effect i ve seen after finnabair...loved it..can you pls upload a video of would help me more :)

  11. Wow! This is amazing, would be fun to watch a video tutorial when you can get to it! Until then, I'm saving this one!
    xx Suchi

  12. Thank you Suchismita, reg making Video tutorial,I may need some tips from you :)