Monday, July 10, 2017

The Versatile Fairy Dust

Hello Crafty Folks,

This is Karthikha here and I'm so glad to be a guest designer at Itsy Bitsy!

I received a set of 20 colors of Little Birdie Fairy Dust as contest win and at that time my hands were tied with office work. After an impatient wait, once I got to try them, I just couldn't stop creating! 

So here are my creations with the Fairy Dust.

Creation 1 & 2 - Butterfly Cards:

I love butterflies and that was the first one I wanted to create. I had imagined a shiny shimmery butterfly in my mind and that is what I exactly got as the finished product!

Now let's see how I made it....
I took a white cardstock and stuck double sided tape allover. Removed the release paper and poured the Peacock and Magenta Fairy Dust randomly. Tapped off the excess Fairy Dust each time onto a piece of paper so that they could be used again or be put back into the bottle. Once I was satisfied with the mix of blue and pink, I ran it through my die cutting machine using the largest butterfly from Sizzix Thinlits Winged Beauties.

Now here is the trick of making 2 cards out of one. Take another cardstock and stick double sided tape allover. Remove the release paper and place the butterfly as a whole onto it. Slowly remove the main butterfly, leaving the negative parts and pressing them firmly. You now have one beautiful butterfly diecut and a panel with the blue and pink negatives.

For the first card, I used black cardstock and some matching blue and pink background panel through the cut design. Added a few pink sequins and blue stars from the Sprinkles pack. The sentiment is stamped using Versamark and heat embossed in clear embossing powder.

Check out the shine on the glitter!

For the second card, I filled the rest of the open panel space with Sunrise Gold Fairy Dust. Took another cardstock, die cut using scallop stitched rectangles and fill it with Sunrise Gold Fairy Dust. Mounted the panel onto this golden frame and attached to the main black base cardstock.

Creation 3 - Shaker ATC:

Next I wanted to create a shaker card with mixed shaker elements. Took the cardstock, filled it with double side tape and diecut the frames as required. Removed the release paper and filled it with Teal Fairy Dust. Created another similar frame for the backside too. Attached acetate on the inner side and glued them. Using foam tape, attached the 2 frames, after filling it with all the shaker elements of my choice. Here I've used a lot of blue shaded sequins, pearls, a blue butterfly, glitter dust, and even a double sided sentiment that says "Dream Big" and "Make a Wish". These sentiments are from the Jumbo Wishes stamp set.

First side

The other side 

Creation 4 - Daisy Birthday Card

For this card, I tried using the stencil technique. I took a white cardstock and stuck double sided tape allover. I placed a stencil of cluster daisies and filled with Hot Pink Fairy Dust. It was awesome to look at those shiny gorgeous flowers, but when I took the stencil out, I figured out I hadn't placed it firm enough and there was glitter in other areas too apart from the open areas. Mistakes can become a different art sometimes! So I filled the entire base with glitter. placed the stencil again and applied glitter to make the flowers darker. There you go with a pink self design!

I diecut a scallop rectangle from the stenciled panel and assembled onto the card base at an angle, trimmed the rest of the panel.

Creation 5 - Daisy Birthday Card 2

Just because you went wrong the first time, you won't stop right! Here is my second try on the stencil technique. This time I made sure my stencil is firmly placed and no gaps between the stencil and the cardstock. I filled it with a different shade of pink - Sheer Rose Fairy Dust. Once I removed the stencil, I got a lovely design and I decided to fill the open areas in silver using the Silver Fairy Dust. Die cut a scallop rectangle and assembled as a CAS card.

Creation 6 - Altered Mini Medicine Bottle

Glitter can find its place anywhere and not just card making! I had this very small medicine bottle and didn't have the heart to throw it away. Fairy Dust struck me and here I've altered the bottle.  This idea came when I was thinking what to do with the left over glitter that fell down while making the cards! I hated to waste them, so mixed all of the blue, pink shades and used it here :)

I applied mod podge and filled with the mixed glitter while the glue was still wet. Tapped off the excess and allowed it to dry overnight. Once dry, checked for empty spots and repeated the process.

Tip: To prevent the glitter from falling and sticking to your hands, coat with 1 or 2 layers of mod podge leaving sufficient drying time in between.

I then embellished it using a golden ribbon and a couple of gem stickers. Did you notice the golden border at the base of the bottle? It is nothing but the scalloped scrap from the butterfly card :)

Able to see the mix of colours in the glitter? That's my scrap dust!!

To understand how tiny it is, look at what I've kept inside - Toothpicks! :)

Here is a video of all the cards :)

Hope you enjoyed my creations! Do try your hands on these gorgeous glitters and add an oomph to your work! Have a nice day!


  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity IB and team :) I loved using the fairy dust :)

  2. Fantastic work with nice guidelines. You can make much more innovative things. All the Best