Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Craft Contest for Young Crafters

At ItsyBitsy, we are keen to support all forms of craft. Starting this month we will be rolling out a monthly contest for young crafters. Simply create anything you like within the guidelines that follow, then enter it into our month-long photo contest on Facebook and get your Facebook friends to vote. We will select 2 winners - one will be the audience favorite and the other will be judges pick! Both winners will receive a fantastic gift basket from ItsyBitsy. 

Here are the guidelines:

1. The project should be made by someone below the age of 13. Parents and guardians are welcome to assist but the project should be made by a young crafter.

2. The photo can be submitted either by the creator themselves, or if they don't have a Facebook account, by their parents, guardians, siblings etc. 

3. You can enter up to 3 creations.

4. You can make anything you like as long as any 2 of the following general craft items are incorporated somewhere in the project:

Looking forward to seeing your fabulous entries!!!


  1. Oh dear so sad you made it into a facebook contest...My daughter would have loved to participate but since its on facebook...will not. Sunehra children are not allowed to have facebook accounts so I think...having a facebook contest from children's art is a paradox!Would you please in future hold a blog contest like Artsy Crafty does...

    1. Hi, Sunehra mentioned that you can enter it in your facebook account with your kids creation(children need not be in fb), fb has more audience than blogs and it will reach more people hopefully.

    2. Hi Sonia - we are not encouraging children to have Facebook accounts but we do believe that craft loving parents of craft loving children have Facebook accounts. These parents can showcase their child's creations on our Facebook contest. Hope you can enter.

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