Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flip Flop Octopus

Good Morning Everyone!! Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy Tutorial! Another fun-filled tutorial for kids and anyone young at heart. Kids will just fall in love this cute little octopus. With eight swinging arms, big google eyes and a such a friendly smile, what's not to love?

It’s very easy to make and a perfect craft to do with young kids. Not only will the kids enjoy making it; once made, it has some serious potential to become a favourite toy! 
So let’s get started. And you only need following 4 supplies!

  1. Yarn (we have used two colours but you can use more or less or even make a multicoloured octopus!)
  2. Red Yarn for mouth
  3. A 2” thermocol ball (take a bigger ball for bigger octopus and accordingly take more yarn)
  4. A pair of google eyes
  5. Craft Glue

Apply glue on the thermocole ball and wrap the yarn all over the ball.

Make sure that the ball is fully covered and trim the yarn.

Take a few lengths of yarn and wrap it around the ball as shown.

Tie at the bottom with a piece of yarn.

Divide the bunch of yarns in 8 bunches of roughly equal thickness. Braid all the 8 bunches to make 8 arms 

Tie off the braids with yarn of another colour.
Glue the eyes and the piece of red yarn for the mouth.
You flip flop Octopus is ready!!
You can also try out other variations, other creatures or even raggedy style dolls using the same technique. Try using fuzzy yarns or ruffle yarns for a more fuzzy and fun look.
Do let us know what you think of this tutorial and send us pictures on our Facebook page if you do try it. 
Happy Crafting :)

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