Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Busy Hive Magnet

Hi Folks, Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy Craft Tutorial. Today we are going to make this super cute beehive magnet with little busy bees! A great weekend activity or a perfect gift J

  1. Yellow Cardstock (A4 or 12”x12”) – 1 sheet
  2. Orange Craft Foam
  3. Yellow Pompoms (8-12mm) – 3 pcs
  4. Black Chenille sticks – 2 pcs
  5. White Pollen/Stamen- 6 pcs
  6. Tempera Paint – Black
  7. Silicone Glue or Craft Glue
  8. Google Eyes - 1Pair
  9. Magnet

Here’s How:
Cut a piece of cardstock – 13.5cm X 10.5cm. Refer to the diagram below. Score on the dotted lines and then cut on the solid lines. You will have 9 paper strips – each measuring 1.5cmX10.5cm, scored at every 1.5cm. (Scoring is important to fold the hexagons later.)

Make hexagons from the strips by gluing the ends as shown. Make more hexagons if you want a bigger hive.

Glue the hexagons together and make the hive. You can make some cells open or make it completely symmetric.

Apply glue to the edges and stick it to the felt piece.

Trim the excess felt. You hive is ready

To make the bees, cut a 2- 3” piece of chenille stem and coil it. Stick the pompom on one side of the 

Paint the pollen black, trim them to size and glue them to make the antennae. Stick the google eyes, and a small piece of cord for the mouth.

Make as many bees as you like and house them in your hive J. Just apply a little glue so they do not fall off. 

Stick the magnet at the back and proudly display your awesome creation!!
Do let us know what you think of the tutorial in comments below. Happy Crafting :)

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