Sunday, April 28, 2013

3D Corrugated Sheet Quilled Flowers - A guest post by ArtsyCraftsyMom

I love to use craft materials in a way that is different from what its intended purpose is.. So when I saw that the latest kit from Itsy Bitsy contained Corrugated sheets in lovely colours, I decided not to make a collage and instead made some large 3D Corrugated sheet Quilled Flowers. The idea behind that was simple. Whenever we visited the Itsy Bitsy Store in HSR, my daughter used to love the quilled flowers on display there. Quilling however was a little tough for my 6 year old to handle. So I thought why not use corrugated sheets instead.

First I took the A4 sheets and cut them into 1/2 inch strips. Make sure you cut along the short edge to get a the lovely ziz zag pattern on the strip. The advantage of using an A4 sheet is that the length is the same for each strip & you can cut it as thin or thick as you want the 3D effect to be.

I needed 6 strips of Red colour & 1 strip of yellow to make this flower. The step is simple. For the petals, roll each strip in a loose circular fashion and glue the end in place. We used a hot glue gun. You can use craft glue like fevicol also. Once the glue dries, pinch one end to form a petal like shape. The key to a nice petal is to roll it loose. For the center, tightly roll the yellow strip and glue in place. Now arrange the petals in a circular arrangement around the center and glue in place. Let dry.

We made another flower using Blue sheets. Since there were no green sheets, we coloured the yellow sheet green using lovely soft pastels to give it depth and then cut them into leaf shapes. If you don't have pastels, you can use crayons too. Now the Corrugated sheets were white on one side so to give it a better 3D look, I cut some petal shapes from the corrugated sheets and stuck them on the front. (See the red flower). Also added some stems by rolling a black sheet into small pipes. Then I arranged the flowers in a glass with some pebbles and a corrugated strip tied to the center of it.  Makes for a perfect Mother's day gift don't you think?

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  1. Awesome...very cute project... Love the bright flowers... :)

  2. OMG these are so pretty!would love to try them out!

  3. Very Beautiful Shruti! Love the 3D look!

  4. Superb idea!! The petal shapes stuck on the rolled sheets is what i liked the best. Cool idea!

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