Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anthurium Bouquet

Hi Folks! Hope you guys are doing great! A while ago we posted an image of Paper Anthurium Flowers on our Facebook wall. We got requests for a tutorial and as promised, we are here with detailed step by step instructions. These flowers are made with duplex crepe paper. Duplex Crepe paper has a lot of stretch and holds the shape beautifully on stretching, perfect for making realistic looking flowers.
(The image that we had posted is on the right.)

These flowers look very elegant and are great for a formal table decor, home decor, a corner table, or to make a paper flower bouquet. Because of the fantastic properties of the duplex paper, these are very easy to make. So let's find out how you can make your own bouquet. 

You will need the following supplies:

Duplex Crepe Paper - (your choice of colours)
Floral Tape - Green
Floral wire
Craft Glue
A pair of Scissors


To make the petal, fold the crepe paper and draw an approximate shape on the folded edge as shown in the image. The length should be approximately 2” -2 ½” and the width (from the folded edge) should be approximately ¾ “ – 1”. Each piece will form the petal of a flower, so cut out one piece per flower as per your requirement.
Stretch, curl and shape the petals as shown (using a pencil or a dowel)  
Cut a strip of crepe paper about 1”wide and 10” long. Wrap it around one end of the floral wire as shown and stick the end with glue.
Cut a small piece of paper and glue it around the wrap to close the top.
Apply glue to the base of the petal and place the wrapped wire as shown. Wrap the petal at the base as shown to form the flower.

Start wrapping the floral tape tightly, beginning at the base of the petal. Wrap the entire wire to make the stem.

Make a few flowers using slightly different lengths of wire for every flower. Arrange in a vase to display. You can also cut a thermocole ball in half, wrap it entirely with floral tape and insert the stems to display as shown in the image above. You can also make some long leaves cut out of green crepe paper to add some foliage.

Do leave your feedback in the comments below and send us images if you make these flowers.
Happy Crafting J