Monday, August 31, 2015

Majestic Lion

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy Tutorial.

Today we are going to learn how to make this Majestic Lion! Don’t worry about his ferocious looks, he is a friendly one, and easy to put together especially with our step by step tutorial. It’s also a fun way for parents to add a creative activity to their fun time with kids.

This craft uses a thermocole ball as base and chenille sticks for the mane. Thermocole balls are one of the most versatile craft supplies. There are many things you can make using these balls, a flower ball, glitter balls, cute animals, a solar system model or Christmas ornaments. Kids just love them!

For making this Lion you will need the following supplies:
Orange Bumpy Chenille sticks
Yellow Bumpy Chenille sticks
Google eyes: 1 pair
Yellow tempera or acrylic paint

Paint the thermocole ball with yellow paint and let it dry. This will be the head of the lion
Wrap the orange chenille stick around a pencil or your paint brush to curl it. Repeat for all the orange Chenille sticks.
Snip all the curled chenille stems into two pieces. These pieces will form the mane of the lion. 

Apply some silicon glue to one end of the curled chenille stick piece an insert it in the thermocole ball. Insert all the orange chenille stem pieces around the head, as shown.

On one side, push the stems a little closer to the head so that they appear shorter. The side with the larger mane will be the top of the head.

To make the ears, cut the yellow chenille stem to make 3 shapes as shown below. To make the “C” shaped pieces, twist and join two bumps together. One of the “C” should be slightly bigger than the other.

Insert the yellow pieces to make the ears; first the single bump, then the smaller “C” shape around it and then the largest “C” shape. Make sure to insert the ears on the side with the larger mane. Stick the google eyes.

Twist the black chenille stem as shown, trim it and shape it to form the nose and mouth.

Stick the mouth and nose. 

Your Majestic Lion is ready! 

Please let us know what do you think of the tutorial and do send us picture on our Facebook page if you try it,
Happy Crafting!

Chenille sticks :

Thermocole balls:

Google eyes:

Yellow tempera or acrylic paint:

Paintbrush :
Silicon Glue:


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  2. Looks fun for kids :)