Monday, June 12, 2017

All about versatile Rainbow Sparkles

Hello all you wonderful people

This is Mukta here and today I am going to introduce you all to a newly launched product from ItsyBitsy.....RAINBOW SPARKLE.

Itsy Bitsy has come up with 8 stunning shades of sparkle dust....which they rightly call 'Rainbow Sparkle'!!

  1. Silver Fox 
  2. Black Metal
  3. Shiny Moss
  4. Fiesta 
  5. Rose Quartz
  6. Rich Berry
  7. Glazed Fire and
  8. Glazed Apricot.
Now when you see them at first will look like an innocent bottle of sparkle...but don't be fooled by it. I can tell you this....that these sparkle dusts are very different from any glitter you have ever used. Now I am sure you must be thinking what is so different about this....let me answer that question. Rainbow sparkle is a chunky glitter and has the appearance of Itsy Bitsy Sparkle dots. This sparkle is holographic and gives an amazing shine. It is also light in weight and soft on hands....unlike glass glitter.....This is what makes it stand out from other glitter when you are looking for outright sparkly and shiny results. I have done 8 swatches of the Rainbow Sparkle on white cardstock using Texture tack and below are the pictures.

So how do we use it....well ItsyBitsy has come up with solution the right ....the "Texture Tack" ( it is again an exceptional product with extra tackiness). Its a white adhesive specially meant to be used to adhere sparkles, glitters, fairy dust, microbeads, beads, sequins, Twinkle Melange and other things to a project. It is a very tacky glue and dries tacky. It is actually a very strong adhesive and can adhere even pearls, feathers, laces, paper and other things very easily. 
Here are a few swatches showing you the different products that can be used to create texture on paper. I have Glazed Fire Rainbow Sparkle, Twany Gold Fairy Dust, Hearty Melange Golden hearts and Gold microbeads all from Itsy Bitsy.

Its very easy to use Texture Tack. Just apply a coat of this glue on the paper and wait for 15 mins. Then you can sprinkle your product on the paper. Put some weight on this and let it be for 30 mins. Simple.... As you can see, the coverage of the glitter is very good and the cardstock below is not seen. Also, Texture tack holds all the glitter strongly and there is not fear of anything coming off.

There is one important question I am sure most of you will be having in their mind...atleast I had it when I first saw Texture Tack....The question was WHY TEXTURE TACK? I was thinking why can't I use my normal white adhesive for adhering Rainbow Sparkle...why should I buy Texture Tack. For all of you thinking this...I have an answer. 
I did 3 swatches below...
  1. Rainbow Sparkle Rose Quartz with Glossy Accents
  2. Rainbow Sparkle Rose Quartz with Texture Tack
  3. Rainbow Sparkle Rose Quartz with Fevicol (Common White Adhesive)
When I used it with Glossy accents, all my chunky glitter got flattened and kind of sunk in the glue....though I did not apply a thick layer of adhesive. So, I lost texture and even some shine. 
With, the fevicol....All the sparkle started falling off as the adhesive dried. So, its not a desirable effect.
With Texture Tack, the sparkle stayed put and because I sprinkled it randomly, I got a very textured piece of paper with fabulous shine. Also, Texture Tack is rightly priced and you don't need much glue to adhere anything to your its Economical.

I have a little video here to show you all the Rainbow Sparkle and everything I wrote here. I feel sometimes pictures are not enough to convey the message...Please watch it as it will give you a clearer insight of these products.

Here are my 3 Simple and Quick cards, I did using Rainbow Sparkle and Texture Tack.

1. Celebrate!

    To make this card, I started with 6" square black cardstock base. I layered some pattern paper from Forever and Always paper pack and some more cardstock. Now for the fun part...I covered little scraps of white cardstock with texture tack and sparkle dots, fairy dust and hearty melange. Then I fussy cut all my balloons and adhered them to the card. I finished my card with some hand drawn strings, sequins and Celebrate sentiment stamp using tsyBitsy Black pigment Pad. To add more interest to the card, I did add little dots using my gold gel pen. Simple and easy.

2. Thanks!

     I started with a stand A2 sized green card base and matted it with White cardstcok. Then, I did cut my zigzag template on a scrap paper. i used it as a stencil to create this pattern. I did one color at a time and it took me around 10 mins to do this card. I have used Black Metal, Rich Berry, Silver Fox and Shiny Moss Rainbow Sparkle for this card. Once I was done with the sprinkling, I tapped the excess and then add weight and set it to dry. Finished my card with few sequins and a Thanks! sentiment stamp using ItsyBitsy Black pigment Pad.

3. Wishing you Success

     To make this card, I started with standard A2 size white cardstock base. Then, I matted it with beige cardstock which I had run through my Bigshot using Sizzix Embossing folder. For the rainbow effect, I got few scrap sheets ready with different rainbow sparkle. I simply cut 1/4" of thin strips and added them to the card in a diagonal way. Then, I added the sentiment stamps on vellum using Black Archival ink and finished my card with few sequins.


  1. Thanks so much Mukta for showing the difference between normal glue and tacky glue, texture glue. And amazing effect of rainbow sparkles...

  2. Very detailed and informative post, Mukta.

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  4. Such lovely creations & an absolutely fantastic video on the tips & techniques of using the Rainbow Sparkle & Texture Tack!