Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nautical theme Clock makeover with Itsybitsy 3D chipboards

Hello crafty souls! 

I am Angela Jose, back again for another crafty session after a pretty long break! Today's  featured product in my project is a versatile 3D chipboard shape from Itsy Bitsy. These  3D chipboard shapes are unlike the normal chipboards that come in a single layer. These come as a 3D structure with multiple layers of chipboard giving them a 3 dimensional look. Most of the time whenever we use chipboards in our projects, they seem to lay flat and either we have to paint them appropriately or add dimension over it with texture paste. That is saved here wherein the chipboard itself has a 3D structure and gives the much required multi-dimension to your project.

I have chosen the compass 3D chipboard from the new collection and revamped an old table clock.

 Nautical theme Clock makeover with Itsy Bitsy 3D chipboards 

I have been having this table clock from over a year now, gifted as a part of our "palli perunnal" at Angamali St.George Basilica. I  kind of "hid" it on my crafting table because I didn't like the advertisement it had on itself. I am sure many of you might also have many gifted items which  you don't want to throw away but also do not want to keep.  But, it is surprising how they turn into lovable decor pieces with just a little tweaking. 

So today I decided I was going to make this presentable on my living room coffee table and I thought of ways to revamp it. I had these compass 3D chipboard from Itsy Bitsy which represents adventure, ocean, all things nautical and travel. I remembered the pinterest globe revamp projects which had :"adventure awaits" hand lettered on it and I decided that it was going to be the theme of my clock ;) Do you know I still don't have a passport? I'm waiting to get my passport and also saving some money to start my adventure across the globe ;)

Take the clock that you want to makeover and check for the screws that hold the frame to the base. Remove them and peel off the background that you want to replace. The needles of the clock will be fixed to the battery set up at the backside with the help of a screw type arrangement which you can easily remove by twisting them. I wanted to have a map background but then my table clock is already a bit too small so I felt it might congest the view. I instead went for a water colored background with green, blue and brown shades to resemble a vague map.

My clock was rectangular in shape with the needle sweeping the area covering only the right half. So I drew a compass outline on the left hand side which otherwise would've remained too blank/plain. I wanted to give an olden age hand-drawn map sort of feel, so I did a rough sketch of compass with not so perfect circles and lines. 

Once it was done, I wrote with a brush pen " adventure awaits" at the bottom portion where the needles would sweep. I was too eager to letter it without waiting for the water colored part to completely dry - hence the little spreading of ink happened:( 

Coming to the 3D chipboard which is the highlight of the project, the size of the chipboard was just perfect to fit inside my clock - not too small, not too big. Instead of using the chipboard in its raw form, I decided to make it blend with my background. Using some watercolors, I painted the compass with green, blue and brown shades, a little darker shades than the background so as to make them stand out against the background.

The chipboard itself does a lot of work as it is 3D and has a lot of details as such. I simply knotted a jute chord at the handle part of it and put it inside the clock. I checked if the lowest needle in the set would be hindered if the chipboard was freely roaming around and it was not. So instead of fixing it steady, I left it to roll around - just because its a table clock and I might keep shifting it, so just a little happy feature ;)

I glued the background to the base first with red tacky tape and then fixed the needles. Inserted the compass 3D chipboard and fixed the glass and frame back. Tada!!! Such a simple tweak but the meaning that it has is so nice. Now I love this clock. Cant wait to show it off to my guests :D If you have any such souvenirs gifted by clubs/institutions etc which have a lot of advertisement right on its face that you do not like, think of such tweaks. Just remember to choose the best chipboards that match to the revamping theme, Checkout the ones Itsy Bitsy has.....they ;) 

Hope you liked the project. See you next time ;) 

Supplies Used for the Project : 

Chipboard - 3D Pocket Compass


Card Stock - Bright White 

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  1. love how beautifully you took the most ordinary to the 'extra-ordinary' level Angela, love the hand drawn compass and the sentiment !!