Friday, June 23, 2017

Spectacular Sparkling Dotties

Hello to all brilliant crafters.....

I am Manisha and today I want to show you some wonderful ways how you can add an extra bling to your projects using Itsy Bitsy's newly launched product Sparkling Dotties.

Itsy Bitsy has come up with 7 awesome shades of these Dotties:

2. Sparkling Silver
3. Cherry
4. Licorice (black)
5. Chocolate Fudge
6. Lime Sorbet
7. Strawberry

The ones I am talking about are round sequins of different sizes. These are very light and have got a fantastic shine which is great for giving that extra bling to your projects. I loved the Vanilla, as it's holographic and the way it emits a multicolour shine. Sparkling Dotties can be used for any projects as they are very easy to stick on paper, glass, metal, wood and other surfaces. You can use them for making cards, scrapbooks, decorative bottles, gel candles, mixed media, shaker cards and the list goes on and on. I like the way they are packaged because it makes them easy to store.

I am sure you all have one concern about adhering these because sequins are not very easy to stick with regular adhesives and can get quite messy. Itsy Bitsy has come out with a solution for this as well. It has also launched a magic adhesive called Texture Tack. 

Texture Tack is a white adhesive and looks almost like any other adhesive. However once you use it you will come to know that Texture Tack  is exceptional! It's got an extra tackiness and is very strong. It can adhere anything from glitters, laces, beads, paper and fabrics. Texture Tack is also ideal for mixed media projects as well. 

 My experience with Texture Tack.
-      Apply a generous amount of Texture Tack on the Material preferably with a brush.
-      Wait for few minutes and it generates that tackiness.
-      Sprinkle with Sparkling Dotties or glitters or Twinkling Melange (another newly launched product).
-      There is no mess at all and the elements adhere beautifully.

Here are a few pictures where I have used these fabulous Sparkling Dotties.

Hope you liked my work ....Happy crafting folks!!

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