Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Paper Crafting Medley- The perfect way to infuse prettiness

Hello Itsy Bitsy friends!!

I am Pinky Jain from Pune, a passionate paper crafter and mixed media artist. Today I am here to share with you some projects I made with Itsy Bitsy flowers. I have hardly used anything else to decorate my projects as the flowers from Itsy Bitsy are so elegant that they completely give your projects a new and royal look. These are so pocket makes sense to go and grab them now.

Very soon I will be coming up with new ways to use these flowers but at the beginning I am starting with the simplest and the easiest ways to use these versatile flowers.

Have a look at the tutorial and inspirational projects showcasing the Itsy Bitsy handmade flowers.

I took a MDF frame and gessoed it using Mont Marte gesso. Then I used Itsy Bitsy stencils and modelling paste to add some texture on the frame. After this step I again used gesso to cover all the stenciled area.

Next, I made a layout with paper crafting medley 'Adel' and resin frame. You can see I have hardly used any embellishments to complete my project as the flowers are so beautiful and elegant that you actually don't need to use anything much to decorate your project.

With these few simple steps my project is ready.

Go and grab these pretty flowers before they are out of stock and create masterpiece of your own. HAPPY CRAFTING!!! 

Few more creations with Paper Crafting Medley -  Liliana


Do drop in some love to show me how you found my projects. happy crafting to all my Itsy Bitsy friends.



  1. very beautiful creations, love how the flowers look awesome on the black bottle !!

  2. Wow, these are such cool creations!!