Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Party Favours with Itsy Bitsy

My daughter recently celebrated her 2nd birthday and I'm the kind of mom who gets really into the party theme and wants everything to be thematic. The theme I had decided was 'Cows and Music' as these are my daughters 2 great loves. I was also on holiday until a week before the big day so I just had a few days to put everything together. And when it came to Party Favour bags, I had only one store in mind - Itsy Bitsy of course!

You may or may not know that Itsy Bitsy is the best place to source your birthday party supplies. Apart from the disposables and decorations, you can also find your favour bags and return gifts. The theme I chose was not a common one so I couldn't expect to find Musical Cow bags. But I was unfazed - Itsy Bitsy had everything I needed.

Itsy Bitsy has a whole bunch of brown paper bags called as Kraft Bags with sizes starting from 10" by 11" and varying into bigger versions. This smallest bag is priced at just Rs. 15 per bag and it's sufficiently large to fit just about any gift you purchase. 

Did you also that Itsy Bitsy has A4 sticker sheets. These are amazing as they allow you to customize the bag to match your party theme. I printed this awesome cow print design with the text 'Moo'chas Gracias' on the Itsy Bitsy sticker sheets. Then I peeled off the back and just stuck it onto my bag which had now been converted from a regular brown bag to a fun party favour bag. 

Finally it was time to choose a return gift. My daughter is 2 but since we live in an apartment community, there were lots of older and younger children who were invited to the bash. I had to choose a gift that would suit children as young as 1.5 years to as old as 6. Enter the Itsy Bitsy DIY Craft Kits. These handy packs come in so many themes and contain everything you need to make a particular project. Prices start from as low as Rs. 70 and you can almost always find something that suits your party theme. I managed to find a Cow Puppet Kit! And in it went into my customised favour bag!

Here's a glance at a few of the DIY kits available at Itsy Bitsy. There are loads more which you can view here:

What do you think of my party favour bags? Leave a comment and let me know!

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