Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scarecrow -Pumpkin Photo Frame - Guest post

With Halloween approaching soon & Fall crafts being the most discussed craft over the blog-o-sphere these days, I decided to follow the bandwagon and make something that is both functional and that fit the theme.

To make this friendly scarecrow in a pumpkin patch,

You'll need -
  1. Foam sheets - Orange & brown
  2. Felt sheet - Green, White, Pink & Red
  3. Icecream stick
  4. A pair of googly eyes
  5. Blue Pipe cleaners 
  6. Corrugated flowers
  7. Black Sketch pen
  8. Straw 
  9. Glue Gun & 
  10. Scissors

To make -
First cut out a pumpkin shape from the orange foam sheet. 

Cut out the center to foam a space that's 4.1" x 6.1" [ this will accommodate a 4"x6" size picture] 

To make the scarecrow, Cut a circle from the white felt, cut out a hat shape from the brown foam, cut the straw into 6 inch long strips. tie them together and bend them in half. Stick them to the bottom of the hat. Stick the hat onto the felt face using glue gun. Stick on googly eyes & a triangle foam piece for the nose. Stick on some flowers for the hat.

Cut a rectangle felt piece for the shirt & a red felt piece for the neck scarf. Twist a blue pipecleaner around some straw to make the hands. Glue them all together as shown.

Stick the scarecrow onto the pumpkin foam. Add a stump, felt leaves, draw a mouth for the scarecrow using black sketch pen and finally add a ice-cream stick at the bottom of the photo frame for the scarecrow stick.  Now take a picture of your child in their Halloween costume and paste it behind the orange foam cutout.

You have your very own scarecrow in a pumpkin patch photo frame ready.

Shruti Bhat is a Software Quality Analyst by profession who mostly exercises her left brain during the day at work and her right brain takes over at home. She loves crafting with her 7 year old daughter and blogs at ArtsyCraftsyMom.com. She can be reached at @ArtsyCraftsyMom on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

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