Friday, May 19, 2017

All you want to know about Gold Alcohol Splash

Hi! It's Suman here! Today I would like to introduce you the various ways of using Itsy Bitsy's recently launched Gold Alcohol Splash Inks.

As you know the Gold Alcohol Splash comes in 12 different shades, in bottles of 50 ml and you can see the shade swatches here . 

These are Alcohol Inks and are different than any other water based product available in the market. 

The wonderful range of Itsy Bitsy's Gold Alcohol splash can be used in endless number of combinations both on porous surfaces like paper, wood , burlap, cloth, canvas  as well as non-porous surfaces like glass, metal and primed/gessoed Canvas. These vibrant hues in spray bottles are great for card making, scrapbooking, mixed media, altered art, bottle art and much more.

Gold Alcohol Splash can be blended with sponge blenders and diluted with Alcohol Blending Solution ( both available in stores and online )
The Gold Alcohol Splash are Glossy and can give a dimensional effect.

The special feature of The Gold Alcohol Splash is that for the first time ever the Alcohol colors have come as a spray bottles and with Gold Metallic Mica !!! These colors are translucent and it is easy to build layers of colors. The Alcohol blending solution makes it easier to blend and dilute these colours.

How to use : The Gold Alcohol Splashes are unique as every spray gives out a particular hue along with finely ground mica particles. The gold mica settles at the bottom of the bottle when not in use so one needs to mix the mica really well before each use. Just before starting to work with any of these colors, gently roll the bottle between your hands to mix the ink and mica. Avoid up and down shaking as the Mica may clog the spray mechanism.

After use, wipe any paint that remains on the nozzle with the Alcohol Blending solution before replacing the protective cap. If by any chance you forgot to do this and the spray mister is clogged, remove the dried paint from the nozzle and clean well with the blending solution.

On Glossy paper through stencils

I created the following background by spraying Pink Punch and Golden Canary with the feathers stencil and also splashed some colours to get the effect I desired. Then I used a hand cut stencil of Jim Morrison, Mont Marte Black Gesso and sponge blenders to add the image, the sentiment and the effect needed to complete my project.

Matted on to Black and white card stock........

On Acetate for Vibrant Tags

I have used Purple haze, Citron Breeze, Golden Mocha and Frosty Pool on acetate here....Just dropped few drops of these colors on one tag , a spray of the alcohol blending solution and then squished with the other acetate tag.......

the colors dry fast on acetate too , I have mounted the tags on white card stock and added eyelet loosely so that it is possible to move the acetate tag and the card stock tag.

I love the vibrant colors, the ease of blending these colors and the fact that it is so easy to create such an awesome effect.......

Added a matching twine and flowers from the Little Birdie collection and a sentiment to give it a completed look....

Here you can see them on a black background...........

On Textured Cardstock to create Cards......

I added some modelling paste with my finger to create texture on a Card base  and sprayed wild Rose and marigold..........

You can see the awesome gold on the pic below.....

Finished the card using a stenciled sentiment  and Mont Marte Modeling Paste, added paint splatters in white and black acrylic colors. Mounted on black card stock and a white card base..........

Removing color using a water brush filled with Alcohol Blending solution and creating a Bookmark

Here I have used Wild rose and Frosty Pool on a textured white card base. Sprayed the colours and after drying, filled up the water pen with blending solution and removed  the inks with the blending solution, finished by mounting the tag on a black card stock and stamping a sentiment, used Itsy Bitsy yarns to tie. 

It is possible to activate the dried paint using Alcohol solution so you can create interesting results.............

Creating Tags
This tag is created using the residual mists of the Irregular dots stencil with Marigold hue.

Stamped with Itsy Bitsy stamps and black archival ink and some sequins , mounted on yellow card stock......

and cards.......
                            Residual mists again soaked up on a card stock panel and the die cut too is colored with a mix of random colors on my mat, paired with a beautiful yellow beaded butterfly from the store and some sequins.....            
On blending Alcohol Splash with Blending solution

I have sprayed Citron Breeze and Frosty Pool on the card stock and then sprayed with Alcohol blending solution to blend the colors.......

Finished with a die cut embellishment and some paint splatters

Here I have sprayed with Rose and Gold Nugget and blown inks with a straw, dropped alcohol blending solution to create some distressed areas......
 Added the sentiment and the little flowers from the Little Birdie Expressions pack....

The following simple tag is to show you the beautiful Gold splash effect of the Alcohol splash  on card stock, spraying the Citron Breeze through the irregular Dots stencil.......

using a yellow brad and twine splatters and repeated stamping with the rubber stamp from the store........

On Canvas 

These were some of the ideas that I wanted to share with you today, hope you found this post to be can also use these paints .............

On Metal
On plastic
On gessoed surface
for Coloring embellishments
for Resin
for Flowers
on Bling
Stain glass effect on glass
Glass pebbles
on leather
Marble painting: Spray on shaving foam or glue and create patterns
Foil embossing and coloring 
Through Stencils
Over crackle surfaces
Glue gun drips
Make a travelling palette with a plastic lid /surface and activate with alcohol solution. Fill your water pen with blending solution and activate the inks with the blending solution. Add a small journal or or coloring book and have your fll of creative satisfaction on the go.

It is possible to activate the dried paint using Alcohol solution so you can create interesting results


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