Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scrap board with Mixed Media with Alcohol splash

Hello Crafty Souls,          

This is Sharada Dilip  here with my creation using Itsy Bitsy's newly launched 'Gold Alcohol Splash '.

My creation today is totally an effect of my trip this weekend to the sea aquarium. The trip has inspired me to go overboard and be bold with my creation, I chose the colours for the project with my son's help, so this is a team effort ! 

 Here I have tried to recreate a underwater scene for the background on the canvas! I love the shades and how sparkly they are due to the gold effect ...... so perfect for the Sea theme , what say? 

I began with directly using the spray on the canvas , totally love the    effect.    

 Instantly used the blending solution to give the special effects and lighten the shades wherever I felt it was necessary, got to work quickly as these inks dry very  fast.    

Once again I sprayed the same three colors, this time to create stains and and let them dry. Once dried, they start looking like the jelly fishes we saw at the aquarium 

Further, I added chipboard elements to go with the theme and that highlights the photo .

To add to its effect, I have coloured the chipboard mermaids to go with our family picture , I totally love the way it turned out .

These sprays are so fun to play with !

 As I place it on our side table I can actually admire the shine and the shimmery gold shades on it! Totally worth it!!

I hope to have inspired you to join us at the Itsy Bitsy's challenge this month. 

Good day


  1. Awesome creation Sharada,love how you balanced the bright colors with neutral embellishments, perfect pic too :)

    1. Thanks a lot :-) dear 😘 for all the love and appreciation 😘 means a lot to me coming from the experts

  2. Replies
    1. thanks a lot for dropping in and your comments mean a lot dear

  3. Love the bright shades. Hope you had an awesome time at the aquarium. Hoping to see more of your travel scrapbooks. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Angela , yes we loved our visit and its a memorable one on the canvas now ! surely you will see more of them in the days to come !

  4. Woww soo colorful and lovely :)

  5. Super pretty and awesome Sharada!!!