Friday, May 5, 2017

DIY Mothers day gift with Mini canvas & Alcohol splash

Hello peeps ! Welcome to another crafty session with me - Angela Jose. This time I have a brand new product from Itsy Bitsy - Gold Alcohol Splash. Today I will be sharing my experience with these Gold alcohol splashes and a tutorial on how to make this cute Mother's Day gift with them.

What is Gold Alcohol Splash ?

  1. The recently launched Gold Alcohol Splash comes in 12 different shades, in bottles of 50 ml and you can see the shade swatches on their website along with the product. They are priced at a very nominal price of Rs.200 per bottle so you can go grab the entire range and try them out.
  2. These Gold Alcohol Splashes are unique as every spray gives out a particular hue along with really really minute nano glitter particles. The gold kinda settles at the bottom of the bottle when not in use so,  you need to shake them really well before each use.
  3. When I received the package I was super excited. The gold in the sprays are stunning and I couldn't wait to start making something with them! 
  4. The spray is not like the fine mist type of spray so you need to hold the bottle a little away from where you want to spray so that it lands lightly and doesn't leave the force spray effect on your working surface. 
  5. These colours dry very fast, but if you intend to spray multiple layers make sure you give time for each of them to dry prior to applying the next shade. Blending two colours is easy with the alcohol blending solution and sponge blenders also launched by Itsy Bitsy. The sponge blenders are really cheap and comes in two shapes. I used them for all the blending and paint application in this project - more about that later :) 
  6. The gold sheen as you see in the bottle doesn't look so dense your project but it definitely gives a metallic/glitter spray effect ( Check my swatch sheet below to view the effect). 

DIY Mothers day gift with Mini canvas : 

So this year Mother's Day falls on May 14th and I wanted to make something in that theme so that you guys could gather supplies and surprise your mom. Lets start right away! 

I used these mini canvas from Itsybitsy that comes in set of four. These are pre- stretched, pre-primed and fixed on these hollow square frames and perfect for unleashing colors. I wanted to have two complementing shades on each of the canvas to create a gradient from one corner to the other so I first made a swatch sheet of the gold alcohol inks that I had and chose shades for my mini canvas.

I wasn't sure if the base will be fully covered with the ink so I chose a lighter shade of fabric paint and gave a base coat to each of the mini canvases.

The sponge blenders were awesome for spreading the paint evenly across the canvas. I remembered the time when I used to buy kitchen sponge and tear them into small pieces to apply paint :( Now these come in ready made shapes - too good to use!

Once the paints were dry, I used the gold alcohol sprays on them. A word of caution - the spray press button might be tight or smooth on different bottles so its a safe practice to spray on a newspaper first so that you can control the spray on your main project. The mist of colours and gold that comes out with each spray is not fine mist that spreads in air so you need to maintain a little distance from your canvas.

This one has shades Pink Punch and Golden Mocha sprayed across the corners and you can see how that pattern is formed on it because I didn't give enough time between the coats. I sprayed a generous coat of alcohol blending solution and then with the sponge dauber just dabbed the areas (not rubbing just dab) and this was the result.

The shades blend so well and give a really nice smooth coverage when blended with the alcohol blending solution. I would advice to certainly buy the blending solution along with the Gold Alcohol Splash colours. Now I also covered the rest of the mini canvases with the gold splashes and I think the base coat gave a nice background for the colors to show up.

You can check out the shades from the swatch sheet and select matching colors for your projects. I loved the smell of the alcohol blending solution so I applied them on all my canvases even though they dint require blending :P

Next I wanted to place these chipboards stating "World's best mom" , "Caring", "Loving" etc on each of these canvases but during my experiment, I spoiled one of the canvas so I had to use another round MDF I had in my stash. If you have white gesso, you can give a coat of it on top of this if you want to repaint them. I painted the sentiments in black paint so I wanted a little lighter background to make it stand out.
I chose this 'Fairy Dust' in gold shade; a micro glitter product that Itsy Bitsy had recently launched and applied it over the central area of the canvas with glue. I think I should've chosen a less stronger shade of glitter but I think its okay.

I placed the chipboard elements at the middle of each of the canvases across the diagonals and adhered them using glue (the foam sticker on it was standing out being white so I removed them)

 I wanted to hang them into a wall hanging with the square shapes standing at diamond positions. Like in my last key hanger tutorial, I used screw hooks to connect these diamond shapes. Since the frame of the canvas is made of wood, you can easily twist the screw and fix them into it.
I used some jump rings to connect two of the canvases and also to add a little hanging bead with hot glue at the other edges - just for a little interest :)

One of the canvases was a little small for my chipboard plus it got overloaded with my gold splash experiment :P I instead replaced the first block of my wall hanging with an MDF circle I had in my stash. I applied a coat of white gesso over it and then sprayed the gold splashes. You can see how vibrant the shade is... even without any similar base coat in acrylic fabric paint.

I connected all of them together and this is how it looked :

A few more closer snaps of the mini canvas gift for mother :) 

Supplies used : 

Gold Alcohol Splash - Midnigt Blue 50ml

Gold Alcohol Splash - Marigold 50ml

Gold Alcohol Splash - Golden Canary 50ml

Gold Alcohol Splash - Frosted Pool 50ml

Gold Alcohol Splash - Citron Breeze 

Gold Alcohol Splash - Golden Mocha

Gold Alcohol Splash - Gold Nugget

Gold Alcohol Splash - Pink Punch

Gold Alcohol Splash - Wild Rose

Gold Alcohol Splash - Purple Haze

Gold Alcohol Splash - Pure Gold

Alcohol Blending Solution


Sponge Blending Cylindrical

Chipboard - Inspiration Words


  1. Awesome creation & a very informative post Angela ! The fairy dust looks stunning on the canvas & co-ordinates very well with the Alcohol Splash!

    1. Thanks rashmi :) I had a feeling that the glitter was too bright for the project but I too like the overall charm it added to the project :)

  2. very beautiful creation Angela,love the fairy dust and Alcohol splash combination !!

  3. This is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing such an informative post. :)

    1. Thanks Saba :) Hope this helps you pick up the new alcohol gold splashes for your project :)