Friday, May 12, 2017

DIY Handlettered canvas art with Alcohol gold splash

Hello girls!

Welcome to another crafty session with Angela. Hope you are enjoying all the projects shared here with the new alcohol gold splash launched by Itsy Bitsy recently. I am here with yet another pretty project with alcohol gold splash and hope you like it :)

DIY Hand Lettered Canvas Art with Gold Alcohol Splash

You should by now know that I love making minimalist and utilitarian projects. What's your style of crafting? If you have been personally following me, you would know about my recent soft corner for hand-lettering and calligraphy. When I received the whole set of gold alcohol splash bottles, I knew I had to make a hand-lettered canvas art with it and here it goes!

You can look up on google for hand-lettered quotes to get a list of simple 5-6 lettered motivational/happy quotes from which you can choose the ones you like to see everyday. I finalized on making a canvas with " Make your own kind of music".

I took a canvas board from Monte Marte available at Itsy Bitsy - they are pre-stretched and pre-primed boards but have lesser thickness, somewhat like a mountboard. First I chose a layout to write the quote on my canvas by practicing on a blank paper. Once that was decided, I tried a few combination of shades from Itsybitsy alcohol gold splashes to use as background. I was pretty much satisfied with the combination of Frosted Pool and Purple Haze shades but since I was totally smitten by the pretty flowers Pooja had used in her home sweet home canvas project, I decided to go for that combination! I sprayed a combination of Golden Mocha and Wild Rose over the entire canvas. If you want to know more about the alcohol gold splash sprays, do read my previous post with introduction on them.

Since the canvas this time was a lot bigger, I found a new method for evenly spreading the spray. Instead of directing the spray on the canvas, direct it parallel to your canvas and the fine mist will settle down evenly. While I sprayed the gold, I didn't have this idea but then look at the looks nice right?

You need to spray only a little of the gold alcohol spray and you can use sponge blenders to spread/blend the colours with the blending solution. See how sparse the spray looks on the canvas but once I spread them using the blending solution, they look pretty and just enough for the bright look.

I used the round/cylindrical sponge blenders from Itsy Bitsy. I sprayed the blending solution in small areas and started blending them by just dabbing them with the sponge blender. If you roll the dauber over it, you are sure to get streaks or lines so I dabbed them over and over again till I attained the level of smoothness I wanted. You can even spray the blending solution on the sponge and dab on the canvas. Here is a look of the canvas with a part that is blended.

You can see how little of the ink is enough to blend and spread into a colorful background. A close up of the blended and un-blended area on the canvas.

The canvas was a little big and honestly my hands were aching with all the patient dabbing :P But good efforts are always worth the result... right?

Once the base was ready, I kept the practice paper over the canvas and decided the spacing and alignment of my lines. I used black fabric paint to write the quote. You can use a white pencil to make a rough of the quote before going in with the fabric paint. I just went ahead and wrote the quote slowly and steadily, keeping an eye on the alignment and spacing. I use Monte Marte gallery series brush in size 3 or 4 for all my hand-lettering ( the brush for acrylic paint works well).

Once the fabric paint is dry, it tends to sink into the textures of the canvas and crack so I would advice you to go for another coat of paint at least on the down strokes which are thicker just like I did.

One final touch for this canvas would be a pine wood frame with white border space right? Hope you liked this simple super easy project with alcohol gold splash. See you next time :)

Happy crafting !

Supplies used :

Alcohol Blending Solution

Gold Alcohol Splash - Golden Mocha 

Sponge Blending Cylindrical 10pcs