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Crafter in The Spotlight 49 - Itsy Bitsy

Hello arty-crafty folks,

Thursday is here again and as usual I have comeback to introduce you to another talented crafter and her craft journey. This week’s ‘Crafter in the Spotlight’ is Tushina Goyal, an ardent art and craft lover born in Agra and now settled in ‘the city of Joy’ Kolkata.

Tushina believes that art is a representation of the soul within and everyone can craft and create. Tushina’s craft hobby has now taken a new turn and given her a new direction. Along with running a business she also works with under-privileged women and teaches them crafting skills.
Mixed media is one of Tushina’s favourite craft styles and its great know that she cannot visualize any project without craft supplies from Itsy Bitsy.

How did Tushina get into crafting, what inspires her, what are her tips for fellow crafters, her favourite quote, how would she contribute to the crafting world if she had magical powers? Read answers to all these questions, discover more about her interesting journey and catch a glimpse of a step by step project by Tushina in this interview. Don’t forget to leave your comments for her.

Rashmi Closepet, MD, Itsy Bitsy: Tell us a bit about yourself & your background?
Tushina Goyal: I feel so honored to share my journey here as Itsy Bitsy,  is my favorite craft shop. Itsy Bitsy makes craft so affordable to the masses with the best quality products.
I was born and bought up in Agra and am now settled in the city of Joy, Kolkata. Being a NIFT, New Delhi Fashion Design alumni I seek art in all forms of life. I have worked with various corporate houses in the retail and export fashion industry at the onset of my carrier. My two lovely daughters mean the world to me. I love listening to music, reading and travelling. I believe we all have the power to beautify things around us in our own little ways. I am an active follower of Pranic healing. Along with it I have my artist studio where I try creating pieces where design weds functionality.

RC: How did you get into crafting?
TG: When my elder daughter was about 2 years old, I designed a name plate for her room which received rave reviews and orders too. Soon this hobby turned into a full-fledged business. I started working with NGOs’ and under-privileged women and teaching them crafting to empower and enrich them. At that point we would do exhibitions in various MNCs in Delhi-NCR to bring some money and confidence to the girls. I never realized when crafting became the food and therapy for my soul and ‘My expression’.

RC: What is your favourite type of craft?
TG: I am really fond of mixed-media. I also often add decoupage to it. I enjoy re-cycling and up-cycling a lot.
“To gather, then crumble and then again combine..
to whitewash it all and then again add rainbow hues..
to re-mould and re-make and beautify all around me..”

RC: What are your favourite products at Itsy Bitsy?
TG: You know what I love most about Itsy Bitsy is the prompt customer care service.
I cannot phantom a piece without something from the store. My favourite products are the silicon glue, the amazing stencils, the chalk paints are my new found love and the very beautiful chipboard collection. I adore the new 3D chip-boards and they are the next in my shopping list. I am very fond of their metal embellishments and stamps too. I can keep writing this as the list of my favourites from the store is countless and ever-growing, like the number of products in the store.

RC:If you had magical powers, how would you contribute to the Crafting world?
TG: With the magical powers in my hand I would like to spread craft and craft products to everyone on this planet. It is like spreading smiles. An art piece always gives tremendous joy whether you are making one or holding one. It smoothens the rough edges of life.. I suppose.

RC: Your prized possession in your craft stash from Itsy Bitsy?
TG: My ever favorite is brick stencil. I seem to be taking it out every other day. I find it very versatile and it goes with many looks that I work on. Some days I use it to create textures and sometimes just to add colors to the background. I just love its design and quality. I have just started using some thin cut dies also from the store and seem to be falling for them.

RC:How would you describe your style of crafting?
TG: My style is very 3-D, very texture oriented. I love to create new surfaces, depths, heights from things around us. My research and study at the time of NIFT proves very beneficial here. I love to do asymmetrical patterns and kind of incomplete raw finishes.

RCHow do you organize your time for crafting?
TG: I need not do that thankfully. Rather I organize other things and my schedule around craft.Craft is my priority and takes the maximum part of my day as my motto is to make my craft reach the maximum homes it can and bring smile to as many. Especially now I do Pranically blessed art pieces and want these blessings to reach each home.

RC:Tips for people who want to craft
TG: It sure sounds clichéd but ‘follow your heart’. Your art is a representation of your soul within. And everyone is unique and everyone can craft and create. You can take inspiration from others work but trust your instincts regarding finally making the piece. Your work should be your mirror.

RC: Your all -time favourite quote?
TG: “I dream paintings and then I paint my dream....”by Vincent Van Gogh

Here is a gorgeous project by Tushina & step by step procedure:

Spring Dance’ pencil box—

11. MDF pencil box from the store. Painted it with chalk paint—Falling Sky and let it dry.

12. Repainted it with chalk paints—French rose. Let it dry. Rubbed the surface with sandpaper after drying to give it a distressed and worn out look. Rubbed the edges more to get that blue color prominently out.

3. Used the brick stencil from the store along with texture paste and grey acrylic paint to give the wall texture on top as well as edges of the box.

4. Adorn it with various embellishments found in the store. I have used the fence, paper flowers, metal alphabets, small metal floral and dragon fly from the store and stuck them all secure using the wonderful silicon glue.

 5.Finally add a little glam by adding colored half cut pearls and glitter balls. Wow!! I love the reformed box. SO soothing..Isn’t it a beauty to keep??So soothing to eyes..

Here are a couple of  Tushina's other awesome creations:

“I dream paintings and then I paint my dream..”by Vincet Van Gogh

In The Woods keyholder--
Lock and key chip board, gear, pattern sheet, alphabet cut outs, bamboo stencil, half cut pearls from the store

Steam Punk Box--This one is with my favourite brick stencil, chipboard cutouts, metal alphabets and other metal embellishments from the store.

The ultimate family tree--Again with my favourite brick stencil from the store used with French rose chalk paint. Floral stamp, metal ladybug and dragon fly and few sticker frames also from the store.

The power bull—my latest work with irregular dot stencil, silicon glue, almost most of the metal embellishments, chipboard gears, metallic paint and different sized thermocol balls all from the store.

Many congrats Tushina  for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY!!

You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher 😊😊 & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!

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