Friday, May 26, 2017

Mdf plaque - Home Decor

Hello Friends ,

I am sharing a creation this week with Gold Alcohol Splash, they make your projects shine out of the ordinary!!! 

These colours in spray bottles add a mist of gold along with the hue, every time you use them. Give it a try and showcase your creations in this month's challenge here

Here is how I have used a MDF Plaque to make a home d├ęcor for my new home .

I gave the plaque a good quote of Gesso and waited for it to dry !

Then I started spraying the gold alcohol ink and blended it with the sponge till I was happy with the result !

I wanted the galaxy look on the plaque and I was happy with the result 

Further gave it a sponge with the bubble wrap to create textures ! 

Yes I am working with very little stuffs these days and creating wonders !

I have decorated it with a sentiment sicker and further added chipboard embellishment and foil stickers ! 

My love for stickers and embellishments have just grown too much because of the amazing options Itsy Bitsy is bringing in !!

Its just perfect as I imagined, perfect for our place and we are exploring new possibilities here. Hope to have inspired you to transform ordinary things into pretty stuff with just few craft supplies in hand :) 

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Supplies used