Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Antique Embossed Photo Frame

Hello friends! Hope you had a great weekend! Today’s tutorial is about a fantastic technique. Using this technique, you can give a faux antique metallic look to almost anything. For this technique, you will need cardstock and metallic paints. We will make an awesome photo frame that can be used to display your favourite photo! It will also make a superb handmade gift. This technique can be used on any wooden, chipboard or MDF alterable. You will see the sample at the end of the tutorial.
For making this, you will need an embossing/die cutting machine. We have used Sizzix Big Shot to emboss the card stock.

Things required:

·         Sizzix Embossing machine
·         Embossing folder of your choice
·         Black card stock
·         2mm Chip board
·         Craft knife
·         Beads
·         Scissors
·         Pompom
·         Acrylic metallic paint
·         Silicon glue
·         Acetate sheet

Cut the chip board as shown in figure, to length and breadth of your choice using the craft knife. Also cut a piece of chip board to cover the inner square of the frame.
Emboss the card stock with the help of Embossing Folder and Embossing Machine
Cut the embossed card stock to match the frame borders
Glue the card stock pieces on the sides of the frame
With the help of pompom gently paint the frame with acrylic metallic paint
The embossed design will catch the paint, whereas the recessed areas will not catch the paint, giving the card stock an antique metal look
Cover the square piece of chip board with black card stock. Attach it to the back of the frame. Glue it only on three sides. Cut another strip of chipboard, cover it with black paper and fold it to make the back stand
Decorate the frame with flowers and beads. Insert your favourite photo from the open side of the backing and display proudly

It’s a fantastic gift for someone special. You can also use this technique for embellishing MDF or Wooden Blanks like the example below

Link to supplies:

Sizzix Embossing machine
Embossing folders:
Black card stock
2mm Chip board
Craft knife
Acrylic metallic paint
Silicon glue

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