Monday, December 21, 2015

Finger Puppet Santa

Hi Folks!! Welcome to another tutorial which is based on Christmas theme. This December let us celebrate the magical season with Christmas crafts. Enjoy and have fun making this cute finger puppet Santa as part of "CRAFTY COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS".

Materials required:
Felt sheet (red & white)
White cardstock
Thermocol ball
Silicon glue
White & red pompom/cotton
Needle & thread
Flower stem
Black crystal

Step 1 – Take a thermocol ball & color it with the help of Itsy Bitsy brush & color
Step 2 – Take a white cardstock, roll it & glue the edges

Step 3 – Roll a red felt sheet over it & glue the edges (to make the body). Glue another sheet as Santa’s coat. (Optional)
Step 4 – Cut 2 white felt sheets (as shown on the image) & glue it to the body (one at top & another in the middle of the body)

Step 5 - Glue the thermocol ball (as head) to the top of the body
Step 6 – Glue the red pompom or cotton (as nose), white felt (as moustache) & black crystal (as eyes)
Step 7 – Glue the beard (spread out the white pompom)
Step 8 - Cut a red felt sheet (as shown on the image) & stitch the edges to resemble Santa’s cap
Step 9 – Insert a flower stem to it
Step 10 - – Cut a white felt sheet (as shown on the image) & glue it to the cap

Step 11 – Glue a white pompom to the top with the help of Itsy Bitsy glue. The cap can be bent with the of the wire
Step 12 – Put the cap to the body. The wire is pierced into the head to keep the cap in place

The finger puppet Santa is ready. This can be a great decoration on the eve of Christmas. You can make plenty of these and decorate your room. You can hang it on the Christmas tree too. Let us know what you thought of this tutorial. J

Link to supplies –

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