Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reindeer Fridge Magnet

Hi Folks! Hope you had a great day. Here's something to do for the coming Christmas holidays. Enjoy and have fun making this reindeer fridge magnet.

They not only serve the purpose of a fridge magnet but also your fridge becomes a display area for your Christmas craft collection. 

Things Required:
Chenille stem- 1
Pompom- 1
Magnet- 1
Silicon glue
Google eyes- 1 pair
Small pompom- 1 red

Let's start to make this reindeer magnet:

Step 1 - Glue the Google eyes and the nose to the Pompom

Step 2 - Cut the chenille stem into 4 pieces to make the antennas and ears of our rein deer
Step 3 - Wind the chenille stem on a pencil to make the antennas

Step 4 - Twist the chenille stem in a loop, to make the ear

Step 5 - Glue the pompom and stick the antennas and ears
Step 6 - Glue the magnet to the reindeer

Proudly stick your reindeer on the fridge :-)
Link for supplies: