Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Angel

Hi Folks! Hope you had a great day. Here's something to do for the coming Christmas holidays. Enjoy and have fun making this cute Christmas Angel as part of "CRAFTY COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS".

Materials required:
Silver glitter sheet
Silver Chenille stem
Itsy Bitsy Silicon glue

Step 1 – Take a silver glitter sheet and fold it to a cone
Step 2 – Glue the edges to secure it
Step 3 – Draw wings on any plain sheet
Step 4 - Staple it to a silver glitter sheet 
Step 5 – Cut out the desired shape (as shown on the image)
Step 6 – Apply glue on top of the wing
Step 7 – Stick the wing to the body of the angel (as shows on the image)
Step 8 – Take a silver Chenille stick & put a bead on the top
Step 9 – Twist the Chenille stick & put the ends in front
Step 10 – Cut the Chenille stick (as hands)
The Christmas Angel is ready. This can be a great decoration on the eve of Christmas. You can make plenty of these and decorate your room. You can hang it on the Christmas tree too. Let us know what you thought of this tutorial. :-)

Link to supplies –
Itsy Bitsy Silicon glue -

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