Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Hanging Decoration

Hi Folks! Here is an exciting craft tutorial for the coming Christmas holidays. Today, we shall make a Thermocol Hanging Decoration. It is easy to make & can be a great decoration. 

Materials required:
Thermocol ball
Itsy Bitsy glue
Head pin
Metallized round bead

Step 1 – Take a Thermocol Hanging Decoration & put Itsy Bitsy Silicon glue on it. 
Step 2 - Glue the white thread in circles (as shown in the image)
Step 3 – Make ample circles with wool to cover the entire thermocol ball
Step 4 – Take a head pin and insert a metallized round bead followed by a pearl
Step 5 – Insert the head pin into the thermocol ball (as shown in the image)
Step 6 – Similarly, insert multiple head pins (along with metallized round bead & pearl) into the thermocol ball
Step 7 – Put little glue on the wool and stick a ribbon (as shown in the image) over it. Insert a head pin to tighten the grip
The Thermocol Hanging Decoration is ready. Use this as a home d├ęcor during Christmas. Let us know how you liked the craft project J

Link to supplies - 

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