Monday, December 7, 2015

Reindeer Clip / Reindeer Fridge Magnet

Hi Folks, welcome to our Christmas themed craft project. Today, we shall make an easy Reindeer Clip / Reindeer fridge magnet. Below are the step by step instructions.

Supplies required

Itsy Bitsy Silicon glue - 1
Cloth’s pin - 1
Magnet - 1
Reindeer embellishment -1
Color (choose your favorite)
Itsy Bitsy Brush - 1

Method - Below are the step by step instructions for the project.

Step 1 - Take the clip and paint it with your favourite colour & Itsy Bitsy brush

Step 2 - Use Itsy Bitsy silicon glue on the edge of the clip

Step 3 - Stick on a reindeer embellishment & the clip is ready

Step 4 - You can also take a magnet & glue it on the back of the clip

Step 5 - Place a memo/stick on & this can be a great fridge magnet

Thank you for viewing. Let us know what you think of this tutorial by commenting below. Happy crafting J

Links to supplies -

Itsy Bitsy Silicon glue -
Cloth’s pin -
Magnet -
Reindeer embellishment -
Color -
Itsy Bitsy Brush -

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