Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quilled Jewellery

Hello Folks!! Welcome to another step by step tutorial. Here's something to do for the coming Christmas holidays. Enjoy and have fun making this simple quilled jewellery as part of "CRAFTY COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS".

Material Required:
Quilling strips 3mm
Star embellishment
Craft glue
Findings ear wire hook
Finding clasp
Finding end piece
Border buddy
Jump ring
Flat nose plier

Step 1 – Take 2 quilling strips (red & green) and glue the ends
Step 2 – Apply Itsy Bitsy silicon glue throughout the strip and roll it around the border buddy to make a coil
Step 3 - Take out the coil and press the edges (in the shape of tear drop)
Step 4 – Make 5 similar coils
Step 5 – Glue the coils as shown
Step 6 – Glue a star embellishment
Step 7 – With the help of flat nose plier, put a jump ring around a coil
Step 8 – Attach an ear wire hook to the jump ring (as shown)
Step 9 – The earings are ready
Step 10 – Make a small red coil & glue it to one of the big coils

Step 11 – Take a cord, put it inside an end piece & press it inside with the help of a plier. The cord has to be tightly locked. (Repeat on both sides of the cord)

Step 12 – On one side, attach a clasp to the end piece (as shown). On the other side, attach a jump ring

The quilled neckpiece & earings are ready. This is simple & very easy to make. This can be a great addition to your accessories. You can make plenty of these and gift your friends too. Let us know what you thought of this tutorial. J

Link to supplies –

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