Friday, December 11, 2015

Reindeer Car Hanging

Hi Folks! Hope you had a great day. Here's something to do for the coming Christmas holidays. Today, we are going to teach you to make reindeer car hanging which is functional and decorative. This can also be used as a Christmas hanging.

Materials required:
Jumbo pompom
Small pompom
Google eyes
Felt sheet – mark the shape of antenna and ear on the felt sheet, cut them.
Transparent Wire
Chenille stem

Method :  

Step 1 - Glue the two pompom using silicon glue
Step 2 - Glue the google eyes, nose, antennas and the ears

Step 3 - Cut a chenille stem into four equal pieces and glue them to the reindeer as shown
Step 4 - Glue the small pompom to the legs of the reindeer and glue the transparent wire near the antenna

Wow! Our reindeer is ready to be hung! Where would you like it to be? In your car or on the Christmas tree ? J

Link to supplies:

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