Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Bell

Hi Folks!! Welcome to another tutorial, which is based on CRAFTY COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS. This December let us celebrate the magical season with Christmas crafts, this time we shall make a super-cute bell.

Material required:
Paper cup
Paint– red
Paper - Any
White Thread
Itsy Bitsy glue


Step 1 - Take a paper cup & paint it red with Itsy Bitsy brush & color

Step 2 – Cut a paper into round shape and color it red (size to match the bottom of the cup)
Step 3 – Glue the circular paper to the cup with Itsy Bitsy glue
Step 4 – Thread 3 bells to the woollen yarn & tie a knot 

Step 5 – Make a small hole at the centre of the cup, insert the woollen yarn through the hole and tie a knot again
Step 6 - Stick the embellishments on the cup with Itsy Bitsy glue
Step 7 – Make a ribbon bow
Step 8 – Glue the bow on top of the cup
Step 9 - Glue a star on the ribbon
The Christmas bell is ready. Use this to decorate your Christmas tree or just hang it to the door as d├ęcor during Christmas. Let us know what you think of it!! J

Link to supplies –

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