Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Wreath

Hi Folks!! Welcome to another tutorial which is based on Christmas theme. This December let us celebrate the magical season with Christmas crafts. We are going to make a Chenille stem wreath. Easy to make for kids who are staying at home for the holidays. You can hang them on the door, window or on your Christmas tree!

Materials Required:
Chenille stem Green- 7
Chenille stem Red- 1
Ribbon in Red colour
Button in Green colour
Silicon Glue - 1


Step 1 - Wind the chenille stem on a pen to get the coil shape
Step 2 - We need six such coils to make the wreath
Step 3 - Thread the all the coils into the chenille stem as shown and twist the end to close
Step 4 - Wind a Red Chenille stem on the wreath
Step 5 - Make a bow with the Red Ribbon as shown
Step 6 - Glue the ribbon to the wreath and place a button at the centre of the ribbon and glue using silicon glue
Your Christmas wreath is completed. You can add bells and other embellishments to make the wreath more colourful and festive.

Link to supplies:
Chenille stem Green:    http://www.itsybitsy.in/store/papers/handmade/full-size/handmade-paper-22x30-200gsm-yellow-1sheet-ib
Chenille stem Red:    http://www.itsybitsy.in/store/papers/handmade/full-size/handmade-paper-22x30-200gsm-grey-1sheet-ib
Ribbon in Red colour:    http://www.itsybitsy.in/store/ribbons-laces-trims/satin-ribbons/satin-ribbons-25mm-red-15mtr-pbhc-ib
Button in Green colour:    http://www.itsybitsy.in/store/fashion-accessories/nail-art/stickers/nailed-it-nail-art-starter-pdq-des-10-gz805-1pk-mc
Silicon Glue:   http://www.itsybitsy.in/store/adhesives/silicon-glue/silicon-liquid-glue-30-ml-ib

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