Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bottlecap Reindeer

Hi Folks! Here's something to do during the Christmas holidays. We are going to make a Bottle cap Reindeer, which is easy to make & can be a fun activity during Christmas. This is part of CRAFTY COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS

Materials Required:

Bottle cap
Google eyes
Itsy Bitsy glue
Floral tape
2mm Quilling strips – red

Method :

Step 1 – Take a bottle cap and stick 2 google eyes with the help of Itsy Bitsy Silicon glue
Step 2 – Make a round coil using 2mm quilling strips

Step 3 - Stick the mouth to the bottle cap

Step 4 – Take 3 wires and cut them to 2 inches in length. Twist them together till 1.5 inches and spread the ends. Wrap brown colour tape around the wires. Repeat the same & make another similar strand
Step 5 – Stick the strands on the back of the cap with Itsy Bitsy glue
Step 6 – Stick a ribbon on top of the bottle cap to hang it
The Bottlecap Reindeer is ready. This can be a great decoration on the eve of Christmas. You can make plenty of these and decorate your room. You can hang it on the Christmas tree or you could stick a magnet & make it a Fridge Magnet.  Let us know what you thought of this tutorial J

Link to supplies –

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