Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finger Puppet - Reindeer

Hi Folks!! Welcome to another Christmas themed tutorial. This December, let us celebrate the magical season with Christmas crafts. We are going to make a finger top reindeer puppet. You can make a lot of Christmas themed puppets and host a puppet party in this holidays. 
Watch this blog for more Christmas themed crafts. 

Materials required:
Handmade paper
Felt sheet
Felt sheet cut to the shape of antennae
Crystals- small
Pompom- small
Silicon glue
Paint brush
Paint- brown

Step 1 - Paint the thermocol ball with brown colour, coat it twice to have a good coverage
Step 2 - Make a cylinder using handmade paper and glue the edge with silicon glue

Step 3 - Glue the felt sheet on top of the cylinder, as shown

Step 4 - Glue the thermocol ball to the felt cylinder

Step 5 - Glue the crystals, pompom and antennae to the thermocol ball to complete the reindeer

You can make different kind of puppets and place them on table top for display. :-)

Links for supplies:
Paint- brown

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